Seattle has been on my bucket list for years and every attempt to visit has been thwarted. On a whim, I decided I would use an upcoming 3-day weekend to finally mark Seattle off my bucket list.  Well sorta. A 3 day weekend is simply not enough time to cross off all the items on my Seattle to-do list. I kept this trip to the city slicker style and saved the outdoor adventure activities for a longer trip.

Seattle has an amazing public transportation system and everything on this list is easily accessible without a car or taxi. First on the itinerary: Chihuly Garden and Glass. I grew up with an appreciation for glass art so naturally, Chihuly’s was on the top of my list and I headed straight there from the airport.

Heart Shaped Foam in Morning Coffee
Close up of a morning beverage with impressive foam art.

But first, coffee. With a 3am wake up call to make my flight, I was in desperate need of coffee and Seattle is the perfect place for such desperation. Just a few blocks from Chihuly’s I made a pit stop at Citizen Coffee for some Koreixan (Korean and Mexican Fusion) Tacos and a cappuccino.

Chihuly Garden and Glass

Best for: Art lovers

Chihuly Glass Art Museum

You’ll begin the tour in a dark room where only the light from the glass and its reflections illuminate the room.

You’ll marvel at the details in each room containing bowls, aquatic life, flowers, and abstracts. There will be fixtures hanging from the ceiling, eye-popping reflections, or installations filling the entire room.

Chihuly Glass Art

As you make your way through each room, you’ll begin to wonder how one man was able to make so much art in only one lifetime.

Chihuly Glass Art
Chihuly Glass Art
Seattle Reflections

Step outside to the garden and experience the essence of Seattle in one spot – art, The Space Needle, and of course, a little rain.

Pike Place Market

Best For: people who love shopping, antiques, trinkets, or fresh produce

Pike Place Market - Seattle Washington

No Seattle bucket list is complete without Pike Place Market. Listen up early birds, this is a case where you don’t get the worm. The farmer’s market hours are 9-6, but many of the shops and stalls don’t open until 11 and close around 6. To ensure you don’t miss a thing, the best time to head to Pike Place Market is around lunch.

Pike Place is 6 stories of antique shops, souvenir shops, art exhibits, and restaurants. Surely, there is something for everyone.

A better name for The Gum Wall is Gum Alley as gum decorates the walls, windows, and pipes of a small alley. It’s quite impressive and a sight to see if you are in the area.

Seattle's Elliot Bay at sunset

Even if shopping is not your style, Elliot Bay provides great views and is an important part of Seattle’s history. If you love birds as much as I do, then Elliot Bay is a great place for endless bird watching.

Starbucks Roastery

Best for: Coffee Lovers

Starbucks Reserve Roastery
Light, medium, and dark roast coffees stored in hoppers at the main coffee bar. Starbucks Reserve Roastery – Seattle, Washington

Delicious food, coffee, and cocktails all under the Starbucks Roastery’s roof. Once you’ve had your cup of joe and filled your belly with food you can roam the store admiring the roasting machines and roasting process. 

At the specialty bar, you can have the option to try different coffees with one brewing method or see how the flavor of one coffee changes with different brewing methods. For an extra dollar, you can try a premium coffee such as Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. 

Kubota Japanese Gardens

Best for: People looking to escape the crowds, hidden gem seekers, photographers, & budget travelers (entrance is free!)

Escape the crowds and enjoy one of Seattle’s lesser-known gardens. Even in January, this place is gorgeous! I can only imagine what spring brings to this place. 

I spent hours in Kubota Garden and still did not see all it had to offer. It’s sprawling with ponds, waterfalls, and flowers, but my favorite was the moss-covered trees.


3 Day Weekend in Seattle
Seattle Pin

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