Elements of Great Black and White Photos

Black and White Lotus Flower

For a long time I couldn’t understand why anyone would shoot in black and white; to me, black and white photos were uninteresting and a historic style only out of necessity. As technology advanced and color photos were possible, I questioned why anyone wouldn’t want portray the scene exactly as it was. I’ve grown to […]

How To Avoid Common Photography Mistakes

Seattle Rain on the Pink Museum of Modern Art Building

We all have to start somewhere and making mistakes is part of the learning process; that’s something you will learn to get comfortable with. Instead of feeling frustrated or feeling self-doubt, think about how you can learn from those mistakes and continue to improve. These common photography mistakes are ones every beginner photographer has made […]

Camera Backpacks Reviews For Travel and Hiking

Man wearing a yellow rain jacket and black backpack

Photography Backpack Reviews Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II Dimensions: H 19 x W 11 x D 9, personal item size Pros Theft resistant wire to prevent cutting the straps of the bag and a flap covering the front pocket and zippers to the camera pocket to keep your equipment and essentials safe. Looks like […]

How To Use Negative Space In Photography

Wildlife photograph of a Screech Owl

Many photography compositions rely on positive space to fill the frame and guide the viewer on a journey through the image; the many details in the frame contribute to the story. If an element is missing, the story could be become incomplete or unclear. Negative space is unique because it relies on emptiness to tell […]

40 Creative Photography Ideas To Try When You Need Inspiration

Person holding a small mirror reflecting a camera.

Table of Contents Fun Challenges for Beginners to Improve Photography Techniques Challenge yourself with these photography ideas that encourage you to explore new styles or skills outside your comfort zone and strengthen your basic photography techniques; restricting your equipment and photographing other styles is a way to inspire fresh ideas and gain new skills. Use Only […]

4 Reasons Why Golden Hour Isn’t The Best Light

Golden Hour silhouette in the Great Smoky Mountains

Golden Hour, also known as the magic hour, is the hour when the sunrising or setting and is famous for giving off a soft light with a golden glow. The internet encourages you to avoid shooting at any other time of day, photography apps help predict the golden hour, and other photographers chase that golden […]

Beginner’s Guide To Better Pictures Of Birds

Small Yellow Pine Warbler Bird through green trees

Table of Contents Birds loved me before I loved them; they always seem to flock to me and pose for pictures, and over the years taking pictures of birds has grown into my favorite pastime. I’ve used budget equipment and learned through trial and error as I improved my skills to get where I am […]