I’ve already hit the cancel button on Plan A (Japan) and B (Arizona/New Mexico road trip) vacations. What is a wildlife and landscape photographer supposed shoot when she can’t even leave her suburban condo? I’m not alone in asking myself “how can I still pursue my passion during an undetermined period of quarantine?” Honestly, it has warmed my heart to see people find creative ways to stay engaged with their interests and stay social while social distancing. Businesses have gotten creative in providing services ordinarily done in person. So the answer to my question is the same – get creative. Stay sane during the era of quarantines with these 5 photography projects that can be done without leaving the house. 

dumbbells on a garage gym floor.

1. 72 Photos

Set a goal to stay in one room until you’ve taken 72 photos.  This will challenge you to think outside the box and get creative with the objects you have inside your home.

2. One Subject

Take a picture of the same object every day in different settings. If the object itself changes daily – like a plant – take a picture in the same spot every day and watch how it evolves. Pets are another good option because you can never have too many pictures of your furry friend.

3. 30 Day Photo Challenge

Enhance your photography skills by finding creative ways to shoot each of the below subjects or styles. Some of these may be vague, but I want you to shoot what it means to you!

30 Day Photo Challenge

4. Abstracts

Take photos of everyday objects from a unique perspective. Play with lighting, colors, and textures and see what you come up with.

5. Color Challenge 

Pick a single color and find a way to shoot using that color. 

I’m only in the beginning of quarantine, so I haven’t done these myself.  I’ll be sharing these projects on my Behance profile if you want to follow along!

I know these are tough times, but finding creative ways to continue doing the things we love is how we are going to get through this. Notice how I say “we”, that’s because we are all in this together; you are not alone. 

For more ideas on getting through quarantine, check out Travel Addicts Life’s 55 Fun Things To Survive a COVID-19 Staycation. If you have a suggestion for an at-home photo project, put it in the comments below!


Quarantine Pin
Quarantine Photo Challenge Pin