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Bird-watching, flower-loving, globetrotting photographer

I never wanted a cookie-cutter life and have always marched the beat of my own drum.  When I was born someone told my mom I was an old soul and they were right. I’m a 70 something living in a 30 something’s body waiting for the day I can retire so I am able to travel the world and watch birds all day. Until then, I’ll find ways to fit travel into my 9-5 lifestyle.

I first picked up a camera in high school and started capturing life’s greatest moments; because when I  really am 70, I don’t want to forget a thing.

  • I impulsively decided to study abroad having never traveled further than my grandparent’s house.
  • I once ran a full marathon then left for a 10-day hiking trip in Patagonia the next day
  • I road tripped halfway across the country with almost strangers
  • I got married in the pouring rain because my dream wedding had a view and nothing was going to ruin that.

I don’t wait for life to happen to me, I make sure it happens.

Delaney, Author of Aperture Adventure, poses with her Canon Camera

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