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Camera bag carrying a Fuji Film lens and camera
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Camera Backpacks Reviews For Travel and Hiking

A review of 5 camera backpacks small enough to fit under an airline seat, but versatile enough to serve as a hiking bag, long weekend luggage, and everyday use.

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3 Lenses lined vertically on a teal background- 3 lenses you need feature image

The Only 3 Lenses You'll Ever Need

Stop collecting too many lenses! No one lens can rule them all, but a camera bag with a macro, wide-angle, and telephoto lens is all any photography needs.

Canon 70 - 200mm lens on a Canon Camera Body

Telephoto Lenses are the Best Everyday Lens

What is the telephoto lens and how do you use it? Learn how to use telephoto lens for portrait photography, wildlife photography, and everything in between.

Photography studio Using two lights and a white backdrop

Useful Gifts For Photographers Under $100

A complete list of gifts for photographers; full of photography gadgets and trinkets the photography lovers in your life will actually use.

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Photography studio Using two lights and a white backdrop

Useful Gifts for Photographers Under $100

Have you spent too much time scouring the internet looking for the perfect present for the photographer in your life? Lenses and cameras are expensive gifts to give, so if you’re looking for affordable gifts

How & When to Use Lens Filters for Better Photos

Camera lens filters are an essential photography accessory that helps control the light entering your camera and give your photos a unique look. Each of the different filters has its purpose; in this post, we

8 Essential photography accessories

Besides a quality camera and good lenses, there are a few essential photography accessories every beginner photographer should have in their camera bag. Some of these would make great gifts for photographers, but some also

Computer Station Using Photoshop

Invaluable Beginner Photoshop Tools

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular programs for editing and manipulating images. This powerful photo-editing software has a wide range of features that allow you to modify any aspect of your photo, and

Close up of a camera sensor

Crop Sensor vs Full Frame Cameras

One of the most important decisions you’ll ever make as a photographer is deciding what type of camera to buy. A crop sensor camera is a more affordable option for photographers or those who prefer

3 Lenses lined vertically on a teal background- 3 lenses you need feature image

The Only 3 Lenses You’ll Ever Need

Lenses can serve a very specific purpose – excelling at one style of photography but falling short in others. There is no one lens to rule them all which is why I am recommending 3

50 mm lens

Macro Lens Buying Guide

The macro lens is an important tool for macro photography enthusiasts. It enables you to take up close shots of tiny objects that are often overlooked in our daily lives. Macro lenses can be used

Shofu-En Japanese Garden

Popular Types Of Nature Photography

Nature photography has always been popular among those with an eye for beauty. It captures the serenity and tranquility of nature and preserves the wonders the world has to offer. From majestic landscapes to fascinating

person holding lexar professional memory card box

Photographers Guide To SD Cards

An SD card is the most widely used memory card for cameras, it’s the modern-day version of film where the information for each image is recorded and stored. It’s a small and seemingly insignificant piece