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black and white lily with a smoky background
Alone with the sounds of running water in Alum Cave Trail

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8 Tips for Beautiful Landscape Photography

Master landscape photography and learn outdoor photography basics with these easy-to-remember tips for beginners.

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40 Creative Photography Ideas To Try When You Need Inspiration

Photo challenges to improve technique, inspire creative photography ideas, and capture unique and innovative pictures when you are in an artistic rut.

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.

25 Inspirational Photography Quotes

Inspirational photography quotes from famous photographers that inspire creativity, challenge your perspective, and motivate you.

Red-tailed Hawk

Beginner’s Guide To Better Pictures Of Birds

A simple guide to everything beginner photographers need to know about finding, photographing, and editing pictures of birds.

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10 Tips For Better Travel Photography

What is Travel Photography Travel photography is a type of photography that focuses on capturing cultural, natural, and architectural elements of different places. It involves documenting the local customs and traditions, unique landscapes, historic landmarks,

Urbex photo of an abandoned car with a crumbling interior, cracked glass, and falling, tattered cloth shows the decay of forgotten places.

Guide to Legal Urbex Photography

Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Urban exploration photography, or urbex photography, involves venturing into abandoned or off-limits buildings or spaces to capture stunning and eerie pictures of decaying architecture. It’s a unique way of capturing moments

Layers of Rolling Sand At White Sands

A photographer’s Guide To White Sands National Park

Photographing the layered dunes and mountains at White Sands National Park is a breathtaking experience. Budding photographers get great practice outdoors with many lighting situations and stunning photos that practically take themselves. At the same

Portrait headshot of Giraffe from a Zoo

Overcoming the Challenges of Zoo Photography

Zoo photography is a fantastic way to capture images of wildlife. Most zoos have a diverse range of animals from around the world that make for incredible photo opportunities. However, there are also unique challenges

abstract photography looking up at birds on a wire

27 Beautiful Examples of Abstract Photography

Abstract photography is a unique and exciting way to capture the world around you. This type of photography involves capturing shapes, colors, and textures in a non-traditional way and can be a lot of fun.

Street photography scenes of modern blue mopeds in front of an old brown building

Urban Photography Tips & Techniques

Shooting urban photography can be a great way to capture the essence of city life. There are many interesting subjects to explore, and the challenge is making your photos stand out from the rest. Here

Squirrel Snacking on a Walnut

6 Basic Tips for Stunning Wildlife Photos

Wildlife photography is one of the most challenging types of nature photography because you need to be quick, can’t get close, and can’t guarantee a great shot; but it’s also one of the most rewarding.

Shofu-En Japanese Garden

Popular Types Of Nature Photography

Nature photography has always been popular among those with an eye for beauty. It captures the serenity and tranquility of nature and preserves the wonders the world has to offer. From majestic landscapes to fascinating

Bee On a Red Flower and green leaves

Secrets for capturing stunning macro photography

Are you a photographer, wanting to learn how to take stunning macro photography? Or maybe you’re just interested in the world of macro photography. This post covers everything to get started in macro photography, including