Want To Write for Aperture Adventure?

Do you have an idea you want to share? I would love to have you write for Aperture Adventure! if you provide well-written, informative content that adheres to the guidelines, I would love share your content!

Submission Ideas

The best submissions are informative, useful information such as:

How-to guides:

  • Planning and preparing for a trip
  • Beginner photography tips and tricks
  • Guides for choosing a travel destination


  • Top 10 lists
  • Gear lists
  • Tips and tools
Expert advice:
  • Must-See Sights at a destination
  • Styles of photography
  • Affordable travel ideas

Submission Requirements

01 Content Must Be Original

All submissions must be original to Aperture Adventure. Submissions that appear on other sites will not be published. If duplication occurs after publishing, the post will be removed.

02 Minimum of 800 Words

All submissions must be a minimum of 800 words.

03 Affiliate Links are Prohibited

Submission cannot contain any affiliate links. Internal/external are encouraged and should link to supplemental content that provides additional value to the reader.

04 Photography Credit

Original photography is strongly preferred. Images not original to the author must contain credit and a link the original source.

Submit A Request

Send ideas to: [email protected]

Include links or samples to other writings. I reserve the right to edit the post for grammar and SEO optimization. I do not guarantee that I will publish all posts. However, quality, informative content will likely be accepted for publication. ​