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black and white lily with a smoky background
Alone with the sounds of running water in Alum Cave Trail

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8 Tips for Beautiful Landscape Photography

Master landscape photography and learn outdoor photography basics with these easy-to-remember tips for beginners.

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oranges and pomegranate

40 Creative Photography Ideas To Try When You Need Inspiration

Photo challenges to improve technique, inspire creative photography ideas, and capture unique and innovative pictures when you are in an artistic rut.

There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.

25 Inspirational Photography Quotes

Inspirational photography quotes from famous photographers that inspire creativity, challenge your perspective, and motivate you.

Red-tailed Hawk

Beginner’s Guide To Better Pictures Of Birds

A simple guide to everything beginner photographers need to know about finding, photographing, and editing pictures of birds.

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Minimalist photography: Black and White Bridge

Elements of Great Black and White Photos

For a long time I couldn’t understand why anyone would shoot in black and white; to me, black and white photos were uninteresting and a historic style only out of necessity. As technology advanced and

Person holding a small mirror reflecting a camera.

40 Creative Photography Ideas To Try When You Need Inspiration

Fun Challenges for Beginners to Improve Photography Techniques Challenge yourself with these photography ideas that encourage you to explore new styles or skills outside your comfort zone and strengthen your basic photography techniques; restricting your equipment

Red Tailed Hawk Profile

Beginner’s Guide To Better Pictures Of Birds

Birds loved me before I loved them; they always seem to flock to me and pose for pictures, and over the years taking pictures of birds has grown into my favorite pastime. I’ve used budget

Muir Woods Walking Path in San Francisco California

8 Tips for Beautiful Landscape Photography

Learning landscape photography comes down to lighting and composition. Lighting in outdoor photography can be difficult because you can’t control the source and it’s unpredictable. I’m sharing some tips I’ve learned over the years on

One half pink wall with blue window, the other half blue wall with white window -Quarantine Feature Image

Quarantined? 5 AT-Home Photo Projects

I’ve already hit the cancel button on Plan A (Japan) and B (Arizona/New Mexico road trip) vacations. What is a wildlife and landscape photographer supposed shoot when she can’t even leave her suburban condo? I’m