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6 Basic Tips for Stunning Wildlife Photos

This wildlife photography tutorial breaks down the camera settings, gear, and basic skills needed to always capture stunning wildlife photos.

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Woman in white shirt jumping in front of a large wall mural with a cat wearing a bandana

5 Simple Tips For Shooting Large Wall Murals

5 street photography tips for creating unique and interesting photos of wall murals that capture the heart and soul of any city.

Closeup of Vibrant Peacock Feathers

Telephoto Lenses are the Best Everyday Lens

Improve your photography with these examples of leading lines in photography that draw the eye to the subject and influence the mood of an image.

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How To Avoid Common Photography Mistakes

Making mistakes is part of the learning process; use these tips for fixing 10 of the most common photography mistakes all beginner photographers make.

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Bee On a Red Flower and green leaves

Secrets for capturing stunning macro photography

Are you a photographer, wanting to learn how to take stunning macro photography? Or maybe you’re just interested in the world of macro photography. This post covers everything to get started in macro photography, including

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How To Avoid Common Photography Mistakes

We all have to start somewhere and making mistakes is part of the learning process; that’s something you will learn to get comfortable with. Instead of feeling frustrated or feeling self-doubt, think about how you

Example of complimentary colors in negative space -Green leaves in front of orange wall

How To Use Negative Space In Photography

Many photography compositions rely on positive space to fill the frame and guide the viewer on a journey through the image; the many details in the frame contribute to the story. If an element is