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6 Basic Tips for Stunning Wildlife Photos

This wildlife photography tutorial breaks down the camera settings, gear, and basic skills needed to always capture stunning wildlife photos.

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Woman in white shirt jumping in front of a large wall mural with a cat wearing a bandana

5 Simple Tips For Shooting Large Wall Murals

5 street photography tips for creating unique and interesting photos of wall murals that capture the heart and soul of any city.

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Telephoto Lenses are the Best Everyday Lens

Improve your photography with these examples of leading lines in photography that draw the eye to the subject and influence the mood of an image.

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How To Avoid Common Photography Mistakes

Making mistakes is part of the learning process; use these tips for fixing 10 of the most common photography mistakes all beginner photographers make.

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10 essentials for capturing great photos

Taking great photos requires both technical skills and artistic vision that captures the right moment and tells a story. While there are many elements that contribute to good photography, here are 10 essential elements that

Muir Woods Walking Path in San Francisco California

8 Tips for Beautiful Landscape Photography

Learning landscape photography comes down to lighting and composition. Lighting in outdoor photography can be difficult because you can’t control the source and it’s unpredictable. I’m sharing some tips I’ve learned over the years on

Rule of Thirds Practice example

Rule of Thirds Techniques for New Photographers

Every element in a photograph contributes to the story so poor composition can distract from the image’s overall message. If you feel like your photos need improvement, consider implementing common composition techniques that can help

Bright sun exposes a triangle shape -Exposure Triangle Feature Image

The Basics of the Exposure Triangle

What is the Exposure Triangle? Exposure Triangle refers to the relationship between ISO, shutter speed, and aperture and how they interact with each other; a change to one setting requires changes to the others. The

800 ISO on a new camera roll on a solid pink background - ISO Feature Image

ISO: Master The Basics

ISO is probably the most misunderstood element in the exposure triangle which also includes shutter speed, and aperture. I’d wager most novice photographers put their cameras on ISO and never think about it again. I