The Best Tips And Advice For Solo Female Travellers

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All photos are original to the author unless otherwise noted. 

The Best Tips And Advice For Solo Female Travellers

This blog post may contain affiliate links.  I may earn a small commission for any purchases made through these links. Click here for the disclosure statement.

All photos are original to the author unless otherwise noted. 

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As a seasoned solo female traveler, I speak from experience when I say traveling alone is both exhilarating and terrifying. Nothing is more freeing than knowing your bucket list dreams are not tied to the availability of others, but I’d be lying if I said thoughts of safety weren’t invariably in the back of my mind.  If you’re wondering if solo vacations are safe for you, the answer is YES! Stay safe and plan the perfect trip with these tips for women traveling alone.

Why Every Female Should Solo travel

Young woman in a purple jacket enjoying the red rocks of Antelope Canyon

You Are In Complete Control of Solo Vacations

Whether you are traveling with friends or family, everybody has their own agenda that may not align with yours. In order for everyone to have an enjoyable trip, you may pass on some of your bucket list items to accommodate what others prefer.  Solo vacations give you complete control to do whatever you want whenever you want.

Traveling Alone Builds Confidence

Knowing you can rely on yourself in unfamiliar places gives you confidence that you can rely on yourself for anything, anywhere. I’ve made a lot of embarrassing and naive mistakes while traveling by myself, and I’ve lived to tell the tale. With each new obstacle, you learn something new about yourself and the world, making each new day easier to navigate than the last. 

Solo Travel Opens Up More Travel Opportunities

Gone is the excuse “I wish I could, but I couldn’t find anyone to do it with me”.  If you don’t need to coordinate schedules and budgets with others, you may be able to travel more often.  Not only that, but you can plan unique trips your friends aren’t interested in. Rather than dragging my husband to museums and history tours he won’t enjoy, I plan a solo trip to those places and plan trips we can both enjoy together. 

There are no unwanted opinions when you are traveling by yourself

Have you ever enjoyed an experience only to have someone else’s complaining ruin it? You can’t unsee the flaws they point out and can’t help but feel the same way, or maybe their negativity alone ruins the experience. When solo traveling, you don’t have that problem; the experience is yours, uninfluenced by the opinion of others.

Traveling By Yourself Is a Break From the Chaos

You are not a terrible mom, wife, friend, or daughter if you want to travel alone; solo travel is self-care.  Everyone deserves to make ourselves a priority, and we all deserve a break.  Stepping away to prioritize your needs gives you the strength to be the superhero your friends and family need you to be, so don’t let anyone convince you that traveling alone is not fair to those you leave behind.


Woman in a purple jacket sits on the shore by the vibrant blue Godafoss Waterfall in Iceland.

Change your Perspective on Solo Traveling

Somehow we’ve gotten the idea that women who travel alone won’t be safe, but why? Walking alone in our home cities is a common occurrence; you don’t need an escort to at home to run errands, why would you need one in a new city? Sure, some areas are unsafe, but research areas to avoid ahead of time. Putting off solo travel because it might be risky is silly and hinders your travel opportunities. Go on girl, travel like no one is watching.

Research Safe Places To Travel Alone

You never know what kind of events are in town filling up available rooms, and I’ve seen hotels with no vacancies turn away guests without reservations.  It’s stressful trying to locate a place to stay when space is limited, you waste time, and you could wind up stuck somewhere that’s not safe. Research and reserve a place to stay ahead of time to avoid the hassle. 

Trust Your Instincts

When traveling alone as a woman, trust your gut; if it doesn’t feel safe, then leave. It doesn’t matter if you are right, just do what feels best to you. 

Stay in a Hostel

If you are the type who enjoys the company of others, consider staying in a hostel. Communal areas in hostels are designed to encourage interaction between guests and some hostels host daily group outings or parties, which is a great way to make friends with other solo travelers. Not all hostels host events, so check the reviews and research the hostel’s website.

Book a hostel at Not a sponsored link, just a great resource.

Stay Engaged with Your Environment

Avoid looking at maps or guide books that make you stand out as a tourist.

Join a Guided Travel Group

If you are still unsure about taking a solo trip and don’t have anyone to join you, try group travel.  Not just a guided tour of one site, but the whole trip. Group travel is a great way to travel by yourself, but never be alone, and it comes with the bonus of not having to worry about any logistics. 

Blonde woman travelling alone over looks a small waterfall in a park.

Common Solo Trip Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t Get Solo Travel Anxiety

All this advice on how to stay safe when traveling alone may start to make you feel like you should feel unsafe when you didn’t before. That fear can 

Bring Cash

I’ve made this mistake, and I’ll never do it again. I didn’t bring a debit card or any cash; without cash or a way to get cash, I had to take Lyft’s instead of the bus and I couldn’t get lockers to secure my bags at the museums. I didn’t have another person to spot me, and this simple mistake added significant inconvenience and costs to my trip.

Don’t be afraid of your own Company

“But don’t you get bored being by yourself for too long?” If you’re the type to get bored on your own, then keep busy with things to do, plan out the next day in the evenings, eat meals on the go instead of sitting in a restaurant, and find guided tours. If you stay focused on doing activities it will be harder to get bored of your own thoughts. You can always start small with a long weekend trip until you feel more comfortable on your own.


Best Solo Vacations

Best Places To Travel Alone In The U.S.

Feeling safe is important, interesting things to do is even more important! I’m not going to leave home to explore the backyard of an Airbnb because I’m afraid to leave the front door. Here are six of my favorite cities that are safe and full of amazing attractions.

Rattlesnake Canyon in Page Arizona

Portland, Oregon

This big city is perfect for a hybrid vacation of city life and outdoor adventures.

Washington Monument framed by cherry blossom trees

Page, Arizona

Arizona Vortexes are perfect hiking alone and taking epic travel pictures.  Antelope Canyon or Horseshoe Bend. Or take a day trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona.

Travel destination Portland Center For Performing Arts 

Washington, DC

The perfect place to travel alone and save money! You could spend a week in the country’s capital without spending a dime on attractions with the amount of cheap things to do in Washington, D.C.

Downtown Salt Lake City with the mountains a backdrop

Asheville, north Carolina

Amazing fall foliage, the Great Smoky Mountains, and local eats makes Asheville great for adventurous women.

Iron picket fence protect a white building with a brown door and two lampposts.

Salt Lake City, Utah

With 5 national parks in the state, Salt Lake City is great for adventurous women who love hiking alone

Morning Fog As the sunrises of the Great Smoky Mountains

Charleston, South Carolina

It will be easy to stay busy at Charleston’s many beaches, festivals, and American history museums.

Safest Solo Female Travel Destinations Around the World

When traveling abroad alone, it’s important to consider cultural norms and not all cultural norms have your safety in mind. It’s even harder to protect yourself when there is a language barrier. Travel in peace in the world’s safest countries for solo female travelers. 


Japan caters to solo travelers with cheap capsule hotels.

A River Runs Through It - Patagonia Chile


The crime rate is low and everyone speaks English.

Girl in teal shirt walks the quiet the streets of Japan with Cherry Blossoms blooming overhead


National parks offer tour guides for hiking so you don’t have to worry about the dangers of hiking alone.

dome and water fountain at Hofgarten in Munich, Germany


Wear conservative clothing in this catholic country and you will fit in just fine!

Home in Tuscany Italy


Germany isn’t as prone to pickpockets or tourist scams, also public bathrooms are easier to find.

Sevilla, Spain


Gelato, coffee, and pizza until the heart’s content.

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