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Christmas is around the corner and soon we will all be scouring the internet looking for the perfect present for the important people in our lives. Lenses and cameras are expensive gifts to give a photographer for Christmas, so if you’re looking for affordable photography gift ideas to treat the photography lover in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Forget about photography themed coffee mugs; this photography gift guide consisting of Amazon finds is full of affordable gifts for photographers every shutterbug will love!

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Photo Editing Accessories

Post-production is equally as important as taking photos, and these simple photo editing tools make the process so much easier.

Lightroom or Photoshop Guides

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are the most popular photo editing tools on the market. These robust tools are full of tricks we may not even be aware of, but these inexpensive keyboard covers user manuals will improve workflow and increase skill with tips and tricks literally at your fingertips.


One of the best things about Lightroom is the ability to save presets, which are settings for your favorite aesthetics. Some photographers sell their pre-sets, making it even easier for photographers who don’t know how or don’t want to create their own. For just a few bucks, you can really improve the visual style of every photo in your Lightroom catalog.

External Hard Drive

A large external hard drive is an unusual gift for photographers they didn’t know they needed; deleting photos is an emotional process most of us can’t handle, so we just keep our photos. It won’t be long before even a novice photography enthusiast is using hundreds of gigabytes in hard drive space and will need a place to store photos.

Cool Photography Accessories

These must-have photography trinkets protect our equipment and help us capture images exactly the way we envisioned them.

Rain Cover

Outdoor photographers never shy away from a little bad weather, but we still need to protect our gear from rain, snow, and sand.


Lighting is everything in photography. Whether you are on the go or in a studio, tools to enhance the light or change the shadow intensity can always come in handy.

Photography Backdrops

Backdrops and props are splendid gifts for photographers who want to liven up their food photography, still life photography, or studio portraits.

Camera Bags

Camera bags are a fashionable way to protect your gear and keep it accessible.

Kurved Lens Cap

That cheap little plastic stored at the end of a lens is responsible for protecting a piece of equipment that is far more valuable than the lens cap itself. It’s critical that a lens cap be easy to take off with one hand, but not so easy that it falls off with a light bump. It’s a fine line that Kurved Lens Caps straddles nicely. The best part is they are a one size fits all so you don’t have to sneak around trying to find what size to buy.


This game-changer turns a trekking pole into a multipurpose tool for the hiker and landscape photographer in your life. This part trekking pole, part monopod, makes snapping sharp landscape photos without all the hassle and weight of tripods a cinch I used this monopod in the Great Smoky Mountains to capture long exposure waterfalls and you’d never know I didn’t use a traditional tripod.

Cheap Gifts For Photographers

These gifts for photographers under $25 are practical and perfect for stocking stuffers, Secret Santa, or White Elephants.

Lens Cleaning Kit

Every photography bag needs a lens cleaning kit to keep the lens free of dust that could ruin photos and force a photographer to spend time editing out spots from every photo used with that lens

Remote Shutter Release

Remote shutter releases are the perfect gift for wildlife photographers, bloggers without a photographer behind the camera, and getting everyone in group photos.

Lens Wrap

A lens wrap is a creative gift idea for photographers that protects their lens without the use of bulky camera bags. While a camera backpack is amazing, sometimes I need room for more than just my photography equipment and the lens wrap frees up space in my bag for other things.  I use my lens wraps on 3 day weekends when I am trying to get by with a single backpack for clothes and gear, so this would be a great gift for travel photographers.

Shoulder Strap

A unique camera strap makes for a cute and functional photography accessory.

Gifts For Beginning Photographers

The best gifts for amateur photographers are ones that help build their collection of basic photography essentials. This section lists the gadgets every photographer needs so you can support your loved one in their new passion.

Smartphone Photography Add Ons

If the photographer friend in your life is just getting started and wants to enhance their phone photography before upgrading to a full DSLR or Mirrorless camera, then phone photography attachments are the way to go. The best gifts for phone photographers increase the flexibility for telephoto, macro, or wide-angle photography and give them the opportunity to develop their style before investing in more expensive gear.


With the amount of money I’ve spent on cheap tripods that quickly break, I could have just bought a quality one for more money. Not all tripods are made equal, so I’ve compiled a list of tripods I trust and save yourself or a loved one from a long string of troublesome tripods.

Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets and quick reference cards make great gifts for budding photographers that make learning critical skills such as exposure, composition, and white balance easier and less stressful.

SD Memory Cards and SD Memory Card Holder

There is nothing more frustrating than running out of space on an SD and missing the shot when the camera reads “Card Full”.  It never comes at a good time so a high storage capacity SD Card and carrying case for backups is an extremely useful gift to any photographer. When choosing an SD card, the more space the better because shooting high-quality photos takes up a lot space.

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